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Visit to Portugal

I start my travelling in Europe with a visit to the Portugal H&K agency in Lisbon. It is a relatively small office (approximately 14 professionals). It is a 2-days meeting. First day for internal training, second day on a meeting with Nokia Portugal.
The training is on Internet PR and Social Media for all employees, all afternoon. It is a pity I did not bring a camera with me (next time I will do it!). All employees follow my speech with lots of questions. They seem more interested to Internet than my H&K colleagues are in Italy :-(

Portugal is a peculiar country. Most of the web contents come from Brazil (there are much more internet users in Brazil than in any European country!! ) and this is why it is the only country in Europe where I heard of Orkut.
But now in Portugal Twitter is the hype. Even H&K started its Portuguese twit. The journalists are using it and this is very important for our work. Facebook is also popular even if there are still few users (approx 182.000).

Second day, I visited Nokia Portugal where we showed the work done for Nokia in Italy, like Kiamanokia.it and the Facebook app. They were not aware of our success with Nokia Italy and seem very interested. They want to start with a monitoring service using VoxPopuli.

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